1. Februar 2020 – Design

The Porcelain Room. Chinese Export Porcelain

This exhibition brings together examples of porcelains made for different markets, religions, and social groups, illustrating how efficient the Chinese were in understanding the taste and demands of the market, and tailoring their production accordingly

The exhibition “The Porcelain Room. Chinese Export Porcelain,” curated by Luísa Vinhais and Jorge Welsh, is organized into three groupings: “The First Orders,” featuring the earliest pieces of porcelain commissioned by the Portuguese during the 16th and early 17th century; “The Table,” which explores the impact and exoticism of Chinese porcelain made for Western markets; and “The Porcelain Room,” an insight into the tableware used in the magnificent 17th and 18th-centuries room installations completed by a historical overview of Chinese export porcelain.
Designed by Tom Postma Design, the exhibition scenography is composed of three spaces. The section “The First Orders” is displayed in the left-hand side room next to the exhibition entrance; “The Porcelain Room” section is built in the right-hand side room to the exhibition exit; “The Table” comprises two vitrines set along both sides of the corridor connecting the two rooms.
This guide includes the checklist of the exhibited porcelains together with drawings of the exhibition walls and vitrines. All entries include a short caption and are marked with progressive numbers, each of which is related to the corresponding visual graphic. Some of the most relevant pieces are accompanied by a text with additional historical and scientific information. These texts are pointed out by an asterisk. “The Porcelain Room” section also showcases tableware sets which are composed of various elements. Each set is described by a single caption and is here introduced by an image which outlines its shape and decoration.

Exhibition view of
“The Porcelain Room – Chinese Export Porcelain” Curated by Jorge Welsh e Luísa Vinhais Fondazione Prada, Milan
30.1 – 28.9.2020
Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani
Courtesy Fondazione Prada