1. April 2018 – Design

The 96 Cam

Polaroid Originals is launching the “96 Cam”, a special limited edition vintage refurbished Polaroid camera. This camera looks like it’s from the 90s – and that’s because it is

The 96 Cam is a full-throated love-letter to the 1990s from the brand who helped define the era. Polaroid Originals refurbished the 600 format cameras with their distinct, semi- round shape, and gave them a new, custom outer shell with a fun and colorful design, referencing 90s pop culture. 1996 marks the actual year this model of Polaroid camera was introduced.

Each part of this vintage camera has been carefully cleaned and reconstructed, so it’s practically like new. The edition is limited to 2,000 cameras worldwide.

The launch of this special edition camera is a reminder that Polaroid Originals is keeping the legacy of vintage formats alive by manufacturing film for the most popular vintage Polaroid camera models like the 600, SX-70 and Spectra. This means thousands and thousands of Polaroid cameras waiting patiently all over the world in attics, store rooms and under beds can be reactivated at any time to capture meaningful moments once more. All it takes is a dusting off and a pack of fresh Polaroid Originals film and they’re ready to create real photographs again.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world a tangible object outside of a smartphone or computer screen is a valued artifact. An analog instant camera can’t connect to the internet or post to social media. But the 5,000 chemical reactions that take place every time the shutter clicks, create an original photo that is impossible to reproduce. It’s an object you can hold in your hand, put on your fridge or share with a friend. Like you did in the 90s.

Images: Polaroid Originals

The 96 Cam custom vintage Polaroid camera by Polaroid Originals is available from March 28 2018 at polaroidoriginals.com and at selected premium lifestyle retailers. It is limited to 2,000 cameras total worldwide and comes in two colorways: Jazz Red & Fresh Blue. Pricing: 189.99 EUR // 179.99 GBP // 189.99 USD

The camera operates with Polaroid Originals 600 film that is available in Color, Black & White and a number of special editions, priced from 18.99 EUR // 16.99 GBP // 18.99 USD

Have a look at robertsmagazine.de to see the red version