18. August 2017 – Food

Summer Bites

Food that is cheerful, light, healthy, nutritious and easy to live up to the magical place of Casa Malca in Tulum

„At Casa Malca, we celebrate the cuisine of Yucatan with modern and light fare, nurtured with local ingredients. Inspired by the unique flavors of the region, we are thrilled to introduce our guests to local products while maintaining an eco-friendly kitchen. You’ll find traditional Mexican dishes and also contemporary interpretations of world cuisines. Every day, we mindfully hand pick quality products from local small businesses and artisans that ensure us the quality and freshness of the food we serve.Close your eyes and imagine the taste of the freshness of our grilled fish, the aroma of our home-grown herbs, the sweetness of our tropical fruits, and the spark of chile and citrus. Your senses will awaken delighted by ancestral Mayan teachings and traditions that local natives, who accompany us daily, proudly taught us.“ Beautiful words of owner Lio Malca. Check the hold place with it’s outstanding hotel at www.robertsmagazine.de