4. August 2017 – Travel, Food, Design

So funny: Museum of Ice Cream

When in San Fransisco don't miss the new Place-to-be!

After the immense success in Los Angeles and New York City, Museum of Ice Cream is opening this September at 1 Grant Ave in San Francisco. The nearly 108 year old historic landmark situated in the heart of the city is one of the most iconic buildings in Union Square. The building style is that of a „banking temple“ which famed SF architects Bliss and Faville hailed as a tribute to the surge of the financial industry at the turn of the last century.

Founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunn was drawn to the challenge of creating the next Museum of Ice Cream in a building with stunning architectural highlights. The juxtaposition of the historical foundation with Museum of Ice Cream’s modern design and signature playfulness, is sure to unlock the imagination like never before. 

This includes showcasing the 45 foot high vaulted ceilings above the famous Sprinkle Pool and building interactions around structures that have been hidden from view for decades. This Museum of Ice Cream in SF is entirely new featuring immersive installations, smells and flavors never seen before

Images courtesy of Katie Gibbs