10. September 2017 – Design

Inspired by Nature

The illustrator Carmen García Huerta took the traditional exotic motifs of Cartuja de Sevilla, founded in 1841, as a basis for her drawings, which found their resting place in the forms of a new tableware collection. She was inspired by the aesthetic beauty of the documentary “Grey Gardens”. Here she explains her work

Morbid Charme...
... brought on to Plates

“Designing the Georgica collection for La Cartuja de Sevilla has been an opportunity to immerse myself in a peculiar world. Drawing from the company’s foundations, I began to imagine a universe of legendary voyages, reminiscing of a time when travelling was synonym of adventure, evocative landscapes, nostalgic settings… I was quick to visualise how these notions could be brought into present times. Now that the world is a much smaller place, unsuspected mysteries are lurking all around us, even in our own memory. I’ve been fascinated by the story of Grey Gardens ever since I first heard of it, the story of a luxurious Hamptons mansion that was driven towards dereliction by its eccentric inhabitants: Big Edith and Little Eddie, Jackie Kennedy’s close relatives. Their decadence provides an unexpected charm to the story. Overgrown vegetation reached the inside of the house and stray cats would roam the disordered rooms, among luxurious printed silks and dusty exotic objects. Following the story was a fantastic journey. Initially, I focused strictly on the aesthetic side of things, but as I ventured further into the project, I discovered the passion that comes with being able to tell a story through the pieces themselves. Each one is unique, but when they’re intertwined and mixed with objects brought in by our recollection, the tide or memories of a splendorous past, they become one with the overgrown vegetation, felines, seashells and marine corals… Even an anchor, La Cartuja’s emblem, can be found in the thick of the garden bushes. Georgica – named after the mansion’s beach – is indulgence and reminiscence, luxury and nature, splendour and decadence. A dining experience that takes you on a journey. I hope it brings as much enjoyment as it brought me in the making.”

Images courtesy of  La Cartuja de Sevilla