30. Oktober 2019 – Design

Fornasetti at Harrods

Fornasetti has just opened a new store in London, inside world’s leading department store

The Milanese atelier is celebrating this special occasion by producing a new piece in the iconic “Themes and Variations” series,a plate that will be available exclusively at Harrods and Fornasetti, Milan. Inspired by the British punk movement, the design of the plate will combine the famous Fornasetti icon of a female face with symbols of Britain from different eras.

In a sort of symbolic reunion, the first Fornasetti store outside Italy will open its doors in the very same city where, in 1980, the “Themes and Variations” gallery was dedicated to its founder as a tribute to and in recognition of his work.

Seventy square metres of space will host the Fornasetti store on the third floor of Harrods, in the Luxury Home section of the renovated Interior Department, with an extensive, representative range of products by the visionary Italian atelier. A custom-made service, exclusively for customers, will also be available alongside furniture, accessories, ceramics, wallpaper and home fragrances.

The design of the new store’s spaces was developed by the design studio Brinkworth, with offices in London and NY, which since the 1990s, has mostly worked on interiordesign projects for the retail sector. The concept was developed around the ideas of rhythm, repetition and illusion, three elements that are part of Fornasetti’s visual language style. The structure of the walls, the alternating between full and empty spaces, the skilful use of materials and colour palettes, plus a few magical touches, recreate the dreamy atmosphere of the Fornasetti universe, playing with perspective displacement and optical illusions so dear to its ironic style.

“The new store is the result of an innovative creative project. It focuses on one of the expressions of Fornasettian imagination that reflects the love of graphic design, the abstract and the optical illusions that shake up our points of reference and make proportions disappear,” explains the atelier’s Artistic Director, Barnaba fornasetti.

Fornasetti is an internationally recognised design atelier that produces high-quality artisan-made decorative furnishings. It was founded in Milan in the 1950s by Piero Fornasetti, one of the most prolific and versatile artists in twentieth century Italy.

Barnaba Fornasetti, Artistic Director and guardian of his father Piero’s legacy, has steered the brand over the last thirty years with courageous and unconventional choices that have resulted in the vibrancy and international notoriety it enjoys today. Fornasetti products are distributed in over 35 countries, in 59 retail outlets, including department stores, galleries and design and luxury stores, 50 of which are in other countries. In Italy there are 3 stores, with two located in one of Milan’s most exclusive areas.

In the course of its history, Fornasetti has produced a genuine visual language, with its signature artistic style encompassing humour, nostalgia, metaphors and allusions that turns furniture, accessories and ceramics into veritable “conversation pieces”.

Even the production process reflects the atelier’s trademark style. All objects are strictly hand-crafted in Italy, in the continued tradition of a superior type of craftsmanship that makes each individual piece one-of-a-kind. www.fornasetti.com