21. September 2017 – Food, Art, Design

Cake Art

The idea was to use geometrical shapes, connect the patisserie and the architecture, and make unique creations. Dinara Kasko's cakes are good looking and very tasty

Her famous "Cherry Cake"...
with chocolate sponge cake, crispy layer, berry confit with LUXARDO Maraschino, cherry cremeux with Valrhona Manjari, chocolate mousse (a gluten-free recipe).
Cake “Chocolate Block” made with Valrhona chocolate. Inside: crunchy layer, sponge cake, cremeux, mousse Alpaco, mousse Biskelia.

A Message from Dinara Kasko: „Hello! I’m Pastry Chef from Ukraine. I’m 28 years old. I started to bake like most of housewives, with some simple cakes and pies, but it quickly turned into my passion. I graduated from University of Architecture and Design and worked as an architect-designer and a 3D visualizer. It just became more interesting to me at some point. I liked what I was doing as an architect, but now I’m more interested in Patisserie. From the moment I got into Patisserie I decided to try to add something new into it. I realized that the appearance is as important as taste. I tried to model my own moulds and print them with 3D printer and I liked what I got. I want to try more and more in Patisserie and I can’t stop, I’m studying, modeling and baking. I prefer simple plain geometric shapes like cube, triangle and sphere. I like black colour, as well as red and white. I like sharp straight lines. I hope you will like what I do.“

You need to cut the cakes to see all of the beauty!
Sweet greeting from Ukraine and Dinara Kasko

Images: Courtesy of Dinara Kasko

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