20. Juni 2020 – Design

Bisazza meets Fornasetti

BISAZZA presents a new mosaic collection born from interpretation of the creative language of Fornasetti, the Milanese Atelier internationally renowned for its unique decorative style

Serratura, Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10x10 mm tiles, design Fornasetti
Soli a Capri Blue (in situation), Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10x10 mm tiles, 7 colors, design Fornasetti | Photo Matteo Imbriani
Ortensia (in situation), Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10x10 mm tiles, 24 colors, design Fornasetti | Photo Matteo Imbriani

This meeting of the minds between two Italian design masters produced four mosaic patterns that, taken apart and reassembled, explore new surfaces, lavish proportions and remarkable reflections of light. Thanks to the painstaking, faithful efforts of the Fornasetti and Bisazza ateliers, the unique Fornasetti touch is re-established and enhanced by the brilliance and transparency of the glass mosaic tiles and the exquisite blending of sixty shades of colour.
The timeless works acquire powerful cultural significance by virtue of the like-minded identities of the two brands, both known for their artistic and artisan content-rich collections.
For the first time in large format, the Ortensia, Bocca, Serratura and Soli a Capri patterns make a spectacular statement in any living space, transforming it into a rarefied, sophisticated setting with bold personality.
The Bisazza mosaic decorations reproduce some of the most iconic Fornasetti images: the mouth, the hypnotic gaze seen through a keyhole, the enigmatic face of Piero Fornasetti’s muse, opera singer Lina Cavalieri who, in the Ortensia pattern, seems to peer meekly from an explosion of pink and blue petals.
The sun is another star in this collection. In Soli a Capri, a compilation of brilliant suns whimsically portrays the face of Piero Fornasetti, lighting up a background in shades of blue or grey.
The magic, humor, metaphors, allusions and bounty of the Fornasetti compositions are perfectly portrayed in the new Bisazza décors – expressions of that amalgam of art, design and luxury, which has long distinguished the style, virtuosity and know-how of the two Italian brands.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Fornasetti, a brand we have long admired and that, under the leadership of Barnaba Fornasetti, is a true ambassador of Italian excellence in the world. I believe the collection we are launching in Milan reflects the aesthetic and cultural values that characterize our two brands – both established in the 1950s, one by a great creative talent like Piero Fornasetti, the other by an enlightened entrepreneur like my father, Renato.” Rossella Bisazza

“In recent years, I have guided Fornasetti toward greater experimentation, exploring new areas, new surfaces, nudging the atelier to look outside the strict boundaries of design. This initial partnership with Bisazza is a tangible sign of a desire and esteem that I have nurtured for many years. Shared conversations and contemplations led to the launch of a collection that is more than just the sum of our distinctive traits. Luminosity permeates the graphic hallmark and clean lines of the signature Fornasetti style. The designs delve deeper into innovative inflections of light.” Barnaba Fornasetti

Opening Image: Bocca, Bisazza glass mosaic pattern, 10×10 mm tiles, design Fornasetti | Photo Matteo Imbriani